Priyanka not invited to Shahrukh's party

Priyanka Chopra has been left out from Shahrukh Khan’s Christmas party planned by his wife Gauri Khan. The entire ‘Don 2’ team was invited but how Piggy Chops’s name missed out was the talk of the party.

Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra were close buddies and she was one of the important members of SRK’s camps and was noticed in close association with King Khan in various private and professional events. Their proximity even created rift in SRK-Gauri’s paradise. Hence, it was quite clear that Priyanka was deliberately unvitited to Shahrukh’s bash.

A source said, “It was not a slip-up. She was deliberately left out. Gauri called everyone from the `Don 2` unit but her. This is the first time PC has been kept away from a party at the Khan home. Her absence at the party didn`t go unnoticed and some people were overheard discussing it in hushed tones. At first everyone assumed that she would arrive later, but after a point it was clear that she wasn`t arriving as she hadn`t been invited."

However, a friend of PC denied the news and said, “Her parents were going out of town. So she decided to spend time with them after her shooting.”