Priyanka & Kareena: Finally friends?

The famous adage tells us that two actresses of the same league can never be friends. Bollywood actresses have adhered to the adage since time immemorial. However, the trend seems to be broken. Our own Piggy Chops and Bebo have finally decided that it is better to be friends than foe. They have proved that the adage is a back dated one. Newer trends must be started and well followed. Rumors are high that these two leading ladies of the Bollywood film industry would be befriending each other. Their fans however wait for the final results. The question still hangs mid-air, will they make it finally?

Priyanka and Kareena were never amiable to each other. There war of words continued for a long time. They have often engaged themselves in criticizing the other directly or indirectly. They do not care whether they are in front of some media or not. In fact, the two have often gone as far as making negative comments about the other on television chat shows. Both the actresses have been at loggerheads. They have commented on each others’ personal lives as well as professional lives. To add to the irony of the situation, both had the same boyfriend, Shahid Kapoor. However, after the apparent cold war taking place between the two, the ice seems to be breaking.

Recent reports tell us that both the actresses attended a party held at Imran Khan’s house. They had a very warm and hearty conversation with each other. Thus, the house warming party have proven to be good for the ladies as everybody spotted them together on the floor. Everybody who was present at the party was surprised and shocked to find that PC and Bebo were talking to each other continuously. The ladies were together for over an hour, having each other as company. They were giggling and laughing their hearts out. Some even spotted the two deep in conversation at a corner in the house. No other person joined them or was a part of their conversation. The two were together throughout.

It seems that as the year is coming to an end, Bollywood still has some surprises to offer us. The stars, too, are thinking about ending their enmity and ending the year on a happy note. The Bollywood fans are waiting to see that whether this friendship that as suddenly come together will last for a long time or not.