Priyanka in love with a Scottish actor

Though Priyanka Chopra is frequently making news for her alleged relationship with her Kaminay co-star Shahid Kapur, the glamorous lass is hitting the headlines once again for her alliance with not Indian but Scottish actor Gerald Buttler. Priyanka Chopra came in contact with Gerald Buttler at the Atlantis launch in Dubai and from that time, they remained in touch secretly without knowing the world.

But their hypothetical relationship came into forefront when she attended Shahrukh’s party in Dubai with Gerald, after the inauguration of the luxury resort. The truth of the fact is yet to be confirmed but Priyanka's official spokesperson hinted that something serious has been cooking between Priyanka and Gerard. She has been quoted as saying, "Priyanka and Gerard hit it off really well in Dubai and have maintained their friendship ever since."

The gossip corner further heated up when Piggy Chops and Gerald was spotted having lunch in Chicago, where she was shooting for Ashutosh Gowariker's ‘What's Your Rashee?'

Priyanka is not only delivering hit after hit but she is also at her personal best losing heart to a Scottish actor.

Keep going Priyanka!