Priyanka gets bold with Arjan Bajwa

Fashion promo is out and it is quite visible how Priyanka Chopra shares a bold scene with debutante Arjan Bajwa. While performing the scene, Piggy Chops was quite relaxed as she had done such love making scene earlier in her flicks like Andaaz and Aitraaz. But the person who was more than nervous while romancing Priyanka was Arjan.

He said, "Was I nervous? You bet I was. Although I've done six Telugu films before Fashion, I hadn't really done a love scene like this before, and that too with someone of Priyanka's stature."

As the love making scene between Priyanka and Arjan is making so much uproar, Piggy Chops just laughed at that, her viewpoint is, "Please! You make it sound so hot! It is not! What's all this about an explicit love scene? Please, I'm too much of a girl next door to do any of that. We don't kiss. But, yes, Arjan and I do share a lovers' relationship. So, yes, we do have a love scene. But it's nothing to get all hot and bothered about, not in today's day and age."

Fashion is all set to release today and there are ample reasons associated with it for what makes the film a must to watch, firstly the Gitanjali Nagpal's angle, the unveiling of the real picture of fashion industry, fashion malfunction, the bold scene between Priyanka and Arjan, the gay lover angle and so on.