Priyanka gains weight for Fashion

Priyanka Chopra in FashionAs per the need of the role, every now and then Bollywood beauties play the game of losing and gaining weight. Joining the bandwagon of weighty game is the Bollywood girl Priyanka Chopra. In her forthcoming film Fashion, she is playing a model named Meghna Mathur who comes from Chandigarh to shine in the Fashion industry and to enact the first part of a simple town girl, Priyanka has been asked to gain some weight by national award winning director Madhur Bhandarkar.

She acted accordingly and gained almost 5 kgs but soon she had to shed her weight to enact the second part. Priyanka again went back to her strict exercise regime to lose weight. Fashion speaks about the real story of Fashion industry, how the girls from small town land in big cities and struggle to fulfill their dreams and how the powerful forces smash their dream and push them towards hell.

Since her Love Story 2050 failed to click at the box office, Piggy Chops is looking forward to bounce back with Madhur’s Fashion. More stills from the movie Fashion:

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