Priyanka's heart beats for Shahrukh

Priyanka Chopra may have huge fan following but when it comes to her choice, she has got only one name in her lips and he is the favorite of all, Shahrukh Khan. Priyanka has been a great admirer of Shahrukh Khan since the age of six. 

Says Priyanka, ''I have always been and will always be a fan of Shah Rukh Khan. I admire a lot of people but true blue, going weak in the knees type of fan I am only of SRK!''

In the long tenure of her career, Piggy Chops has worked with many Bollywood actors but her choice always been Shahrukh. Though she paired with him for the first time in ‘Don’, she could not forget her first meeting with the actor. 

''I have been a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan since I was six. During Miss India 2000, he was one of the judges who asked me a question. I got a chance to meet him backstage and managed to say, ''Hello.'' When he heard that I sing, he asked me to do so. I still don't remember what I sang. I will always admire Shah Rukh.''