Priyanka Chopra’s second music album fails to impress US chart

Priyanka Chopra’s latest music album ‘Exotic feat Pitbull’ might be number one song on Indian i tunes list, but the song has failed to make its appearance on US charts of top songs.

Priyanka’s first album had also failed to make a mark despite the association with Priyanka took tips for her second album from Jenifer Lopez’s career. J Lo had also once included in her album but the album failed to click. Then she took help from rapper Pittbull and her album grossed in top albums of US.

Priyanka also included Pitbull in her second album’s song ‘Exotic’. Both of them together did not seem to carry the album in top songs list.

In her second album, Priyanka is clad in a skimpy swim suit. She is seen singing song in sensual waves of ocean. She has also included few lines of Hindi. It just does not create an impact. On top of that, rapper Pittbull raps in between, which totally seems out of place. He is clad in a suit which starkly contrasts with Priyanka’s attire. Location, shots, chorography shows an amateur effort.

However, Priyanka has received appreciations from her friends and industry people for taking out the second album.

Pitbull tweeted, “thanks so much to @priyankachopra and @RedOne_Official for letting me get #exotic #desi #dale”

Dia Mirza tweeted, “Baby you're so beautiful and that's just plain to see" @priyankachopra you are #EXOTIC #Proud @DevrajSanyal nothing can stop this one!”

Before the actual release of ‘Exotic’, this album was leaked online. Priyanka had tweeted, “Ok….. so…. my new song ‘Exotic’ has been leaked..!! I should be angry but I am actually quite relieved & happy to share it with You all. The official version is out any minute now…. wait for it!! And as always, let me know what you guys think.”

Well, the cover of this album was of course exotic and Priyanka looked super hot on its cover. Alas, her songs could not impress listeners. More than the song, the video was quite unimpressive.

Meanwhile, coming back to Bollywood, Priyanka is working on remake of ‘Zanjeer’. She is also working on ‘Krrish 3’. She was also chosen by Sanjay Leela Bhansali for the filming of the biopic of Olympic gold medalist Mary Kom. Priyanka spent time with Mary Kom and learnt boxing tricks in 4 months. No doubt she strives for perfection in her roles. Wish she could do the same for her music videos.