Mom Madhu Chopra squashes off Priyanka’s pregnancy report

A boozy night out reportedly quashed off Priyanka Chopra’s pregnancy rumours. The 36-year-year was speculated to have expecting her first child with Nick Jonas but insiders at the restaurant recalled seeing her 'happily drinking'. 

The actor's mother, Madhu Chopra, who is currently promoting their next production, ‘Firebrand’, doesn't understand the hullabaloo around the pictures in which PeeCee was wearing a loose-fitted skirt. "It was a bad angle," Madhu Chopra dismisses Priyanka’s pregnancy report.  

Madhu says, "The outfit was nice. She looked like that only in some pictures, the rest were fine. Blame it on the camera angle!"

The star mother went on to say that Priyanka was far from amused when she heard the hullabaloo surrounding her supposed pregnancy. "When I spoke to Priyanka on the phone, she told me that she was tired and hence, had a slumped posture. I told her what people were saying, and she simply said, 'Mamma, give me a break!'"

When the actress was asked if there is any family pressure of starting a family, she said, "No, my family is just happy that I'm finally married," Priyanka laughed. Talking about starting a family with Nick, she said that "it will happen when it has to". "We have definitely thought about it. We definitely want it. It will happen when it has to," she said.