Priyanka Chopra’s future father-in-law Paul Jonas in deep debt

Priyanka Chopra’s future father-in-law and Nick Jonas’s father Paul Jonas is in deep trouble. Paul Jonas' New Jersey construction and real estate company has a debt of over $1 million including $268,000 judgement from a case his company lost.

Reportedly, to pay off the debt Paul Jonas is planning to sell off some of his company’s assets.

In this time of crisis, Paul Jonas and Denise Jonas’s three sons Nick, Joe and Kevin have come together to get their father out of the tough phase. Nick Jonas is said to be worth $25 million approximately. While Joe and Kevin also made good name in the music world and both worth handsome millions. They would surely get their papa out of the crisis.

Moreover, Paul Jonas two future daughters-in-law Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner reportedly worth millions.. 

Priyanka according to Yahoo Finance, is reportedly worth $28 million while Sophie Turner who just wrapped the final season of Game of Thrones is approximately worth $18 million.

Well, the family is strong enough financially to get out Paul Jonas from the tough phase.