Priyanka Chopra’s cousin Meera served worms in a 5-star hotel

Priyanka Chopra’s cousin Meera Chopra has shared avideo on Instagram, which showed worms scribbling in an omelette and hash browns. The video is very disturbing and will open your eyes and will make you think twice before ordering something in a five star hotel.

Sharing a video of maggots sprawling all over the plate, Mira said in the video, “So I ordered food from room service. I was staying in Double Tree Hilton in Ahmedabad and this is what I get. I get worms in my food. Guys please see it properly because this is something which we just cannot ignore. So we stay in these big hotels and we pay them a bomb for everything and they give us worms in our food. So I have been staying here since last one week and since the time I’ve checked in, I have been falling unwell, I have been falling sick. And now I see the reason. For the first time, I could just see worms in my food. Let’s just put this out on the social media. Thanks guys,” she says in the video.

She also added a caption to her video: “Staying in @doubletree in ahembdabad. @doubletreeahmedabad And got maggots in my food. U pay bomb fr these hotels nd they feed u maggots. Its so shocking @fssai_safefood plz take some immediate action. Where are the health safety regulations now!! #maggots #doubletreebyhilton.”

Meera’s followers on Instagram stringly reacted to thei video and asked her to sue the hotel. “They should b punished,” wrote one. “Go to their instagram page and comment maggots on each post.... Thats the best way,” wrote another.

Some days ago, actor Rahul Bose had tweeted about getting billed Rs 442 for two bananas at a hotel. “You have to see this to believe it. Who said fruit wasn’t harmful to your existence? Ask the wonderful folks at JW Marriott Chandigarh,” the Chameli actor, who was shooting in Chandigarh, captioned the video, adding “bananas are just too good for me”. Thereafter, severe action has been taken.