Priyanka Chopra turns producer with ‘Madamji’

Versatile Priyyanka Chopra turns producer with ‘Madamji’ which is based on real life character. Piggy Chops who is currently shooting for Sanjay Leela Bahnsali’s ‘Bajirao Mastani’ says she is enjoying taking the process of decision as a producer.

“‘Madamji’ is a fictional story. It’s a story of an item girl, who is thrown in the world of politics. ‘Madamji’ is about woman empowerment. I am enjoying the fact that I am going to office and taking decisions as a producer,” Priyanka said in an interview.

“I meet so many assistant directors on my sets and they have some great scripts but don’t get the opportunity. I don’t have the capability of making a big budget film but I will make small films with some great talents. The name of my production house is Purple Pebble Pictures,” she added.

The actress is gearing up for her brother’s marriage and she is spending time playing dress up for her brother’s marriage.

“People are in a festival mood in the last few days before a New Year. My brother is getting married. We are planning a lot for the sangeet and wedding. We are sending invitations and all the cousins are gathering. It is fun time.”

Priyanka who was last seen in ‘Mary Kom’ says when it comes to acting, she likes to take bold decisions.

“In my career I have never opted for a safe path. Look at ‘Mary Kom’, do I look like her? During ‘Barfi!’, I was told that I will not be accepted as an autistic girl while people told me I should do something like ‘Fashion’ at the end of the career.

“Now, I am turning producer with ‘Madamji’ and people are saying women can’t run a production house. But I want to take that chance,” she said.

Recently, Priyanka Chopra has also signed a deal with America’s ABC network to star in one of their projects.

“As an actress I feel flattered because you also come to know where you are placed internationally. I am going to LA to discuss my projects with them and let’s see what they will offer me,” she said.