Priyanka Chopra thrown out!

Priyanka Chopra has hiked her price to Rs 5 crores with the success of Fashion and Dostana and that’s the reason why she has been thrown out of Sanjay Gadhvi’s film, ‘7 Days In Paris’. When Sanjay approached her, he was shocked to hear her value. Sanjay decided to wait and look for some other actress as it is not possible on his part to fulfill Priyanka’s demand.

The producer was shocked and when Priyanka was questioned on what basis she is demanding so high amount, Piggy Chops reluctant to answer. Priyanka might be thinking if Yashraj can sign her for Rs 3 crores in ‘Pyaar Impossible’ then why not they. Moreover, she belives that she is doing a favor by starring opposite a newbie Imran Khan.

Priyanka was approached for the film after Katrina Kaif walked out having fallout with Sanjay regarding the script. She wanted some changes in the plotline.

Moreover, Sanjay is in talks with Asin and Genelia.

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