Priyanka Chopra’s lehenga catches fire

Reports are continuously pouring in about accidents on the set of ‘Agneepath’. Recently, it was reported that Hrithik Roshan suffered minor burn while doing an aarti scene and now it is heard that Priyanka Chopra burnt her lehenga while doing a particular scene. PC has to change her lehenga.

A source narrates the incident, "Hrithik was shooting the Ganapati puja scene. He was holding a big thali with several lit diyas (lamps) and doing the aarti. During one rotation, one diya toppled over, spilling hot oil on his hand, scalding it.

No one was any wiser for it until Duggu rushed to apply ice on the affected area. When the crew understood, the shoot was immediately stopped. It wasn't a serious injury but Hrithik was in pain. He resumed shooting as soon as his pain subsided. He then joked about his injuries being lucky charms for his films."

A source states how Priyanka’s lehenga caught fire, "PC's lehenga caught fire from the diyas of aarti and got burnt at the edges. She noticed it quickly and wasn't hurt but had to change her lehenga and wear a new one," reveals another source. Hrithik and PC were unavailable for comment.

Well, lot of bloodshed on the set of ‘Agneepath’.