Priyanka Chopra's date with Randy Jackson

Priyanka Chopra has won the admiration of millions of moviegoers with her performance in super hit Bollywood flicks. Her hands are full with three major project s at the moment. They include Mary Kom – the biopic of the Olympic medal winning boxer; Krrish 3 – the sequel to the sci –fi and the remake of Zanjeer. However, it is music and not acting that is claiming the full attention of the leggy lass. Priyanka had recenmtly launched her single titled Exotic and she is busy promoting her song in the US with a tour.

As a part of the promotional campaign of Exotic, Piggy Chops is now reported to be in Los Angeles. The former Miss World even met Randy Jackson – the celebrated judge of American Idol for lunch. According to reports, Randy gave some advice to Priyanka. The actress turned singer was happy with advice from a celebrated record producer and television personality and she lost no time in tweeting her gratitude. "Thank you for the advice @yo_randyjackson... Here's to taking over the world! Was lovely meeting you," she wrote.

“She met the record producer and TV personality for lunch, and as an added bonus, even bumped into singer-songwriter Paula Abdul at the same time” said a source close to the actress.

In addition to promoting her single Exotic, Priyanka is also promoting her action packed 3D film Planes. This is an animated comedy action film where Piggy Chops has given voiceover for an Asian character named Ishani. The actress hopes to cross the boundary between Hollywood and Bollywood with this movie. “This is a very global movie. You have characters from all across the world, and I think for kids, it’s great to understand that there’s so many different kinds of culture and people out there,” she told the reporters.

She has been touring the US with her promotional agenda and she launched a celebrity milkshake named The Exotic in the Millions of Milkshakes in Los Angeles. The highly excited actress cum singer who was supposed to meet her fans during the launch tweeted, “And it’s that time …. To switch gears and get ready for the craziness of the LA LA land ……… C u at millions of milkshakes ………… XoXo …….. finally, some zzzzzzs”.

While the actress is going round with a wrist splint – a possible result of an injury during shooting for her film on the biopic of boxer Mary Kom, she is reported to be thrilled with the public response to her album where she has performed with Pit bull. Priyanka will be returning to India next month.