Priyanka Chopra looks forward to 2008 with Drona,Fashion etc

Priyanka Chopra, Bollywood's new millennium Hema Malini, who has given the industry the maximum number of hits in five years, plans to script a success story in 2008.

The year 2007 spelt turmoil for the actress. There were legal and police hassles over financial endeavours. At home, her dad struggled with a serious illness. But she is pleased with the fact that it ended on a positive note.

"In 2007 I've just been busy doing commercials. And then there were other problems created by various people. I accepted it as an inevitable part of the year," Priyanka told IANS.

"The more popular you get, more people target you. That's fine. It's a professional hazard. You've got to take it in your stride. I'm glad my family stands by me. It is my strength and my weakness," she added.

Before wrapping up the year, she started Madhur Bhandarkar's "Fashion".

"The end of 2007 seems to be the beginning of the year for me because I started 'Fashion'. I will soon be working for a Karan Johar production with Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham. Both the films will be over by July. So the first-half of 2008 is packed."

She's looking forward to working with Abhishek and John again.

"Abhishek and I had fun during 'Bluffmaster' and with John I did one of my toughest roles in 'Karam'. I enjoyed that though it didn't work at the box office. But then whether a film does well or not is in nobody's hands," she said.

She is pinning her hopes on "Fashion". "It's actually becoming a much bigger film than what it was meant to be. Let's face it, success is important. And to me the box office is very important."

"Fashion" is a special challenge.

"The character requires a lot of hard work. The graph is so steep. Madhur Bhandarkar is keeping me on my toes constantly. Yes, I admit 'Krrish' and 'Don - The Chase Begins Again' didn't have as much space for me as 'Fashion'.

"But one does all kinds of movies. I enjoy the experience of trying something new each time. In 'Fashion', I'm far more at the forefront than 'Krrish' or 'Don'. But the challenge remains the same."

Indo-Asian News Service