Priyanka Chopra gets BMC notice for illegal construction

Priyanka Chopra has received notice from BMC for illegal construction in the adjoining space that she has rented out. BMC slapped the notice against the actress after they received five complaints from people who visited the Charisma Beauty Spa and Salon along with a municipal corporator. 

BMC visited the premises and found out that Priyanka is in the wrong side.

Priyanka and her mother are also accused of illegally using a portion of Vastu Precinct building as their office. BMC has sent two separate notices to the owners-occupants of both the premises.

Manik Soni, the manager of the spa told the BMC official that he had took the premise on rent after entering into agreement with Chopra and her mother.

A senior BMC official said, “We earlier wrote them asking to regularize the unauthorized changed after paying the penalty and removed other illegal changes which cannot be approved. But they didn’t bother to pay any attention after which we sent them notice under the MaharashtraRegional Town Planning Act (MRTP). If they fail to reply on this, we will demolish the illegal construction at both the premises.”