Priyanka Chopra fights with Kapil Sharma at award show

According to the latest grapevine, Priyanka Chopra had a fall out with noted comedian Kapil Sharma at a recently held award function. The duo fought over punctuality. Priyanka Chopra was three hours late and kept Kapil Sharma waiting for so long. Priyanka Chopra was to make a grand entry on the red carpet of Star Guild Awards, hosted by Kapil Sharma with a dance performance and she was nearly three hours late.

Priyanka Chopra had to change to her evening gown for the function after the act and she apparently took too long. When she was called up again, she said that she was not yet ready.

On hearing her reply, the stand-up comedian got irritated, he threw his earphones on the floor and said, "Ladies logon ka yehi problem hai, madam abhi tak tayaar nahin hain."

However, both Priyanka and Kapil denied the brawl with a tweet. U r very bad @priyankachopra u didnt even told me that v fought with each other on award function.. Jus saw in news n got to know .. Hahaha, tweeted Kapil Sharma.

Priyanka replied, Haha! I don't give importance to untrue news ya Kapil! Big love always to my fav!! @KapilSharmaK9