Priyanka Chopra earlier dated upcoming actor Aryeman

Priyanka Chopra, ex Miss India would like everyone to believe that she is currently single, but the gossip mills continue with rumours that she is dating Harman Baweja , whom she will also be seen with in Love Story 2050. However according to rumours Priyanka was earlier dating a relatively unknown face in bollywood upcoming actor Aryeman. Priyanka and Aryeman supposedly got close to each other while she was shooting for her debut film, Anil Sharma’s Hero.
Aryeman has acted alongside Amitabh Bachchan in the film Family, but earlier when he was assisting producer Pravin Shah for the film Hero in which Priyanka starred the two got very close. Love first blossomed during a shooting schedule for Hero in Canada, but no one was really aware as Aryeman was not well-known and Priyanka too was relatively new in the film industry. For three months during the shooting schedule in Canada, the couple was inseparable, and after they returned too they kept in touch. However later a misunderstanding occurred between the couple and their relationship soured, ever since then the two have not even been on talking terms.

Aryeman admits that he and Priyanka were close; he says “Priyanka and I were very close friends, we shared almost everything. But we had some misunderstandings due to some people. We haven’t spoken to each other after that. I last met her at Lilavati hospital when Amitabh Bachchan was not well. I had gone to see Mr. Bachchan, so had she. But we didn’t have any conversation.” However it seems both Priyanka and Aryeman have moved on, with Priyanka dating Harman and Aryeman currently dating actress Sayali Bhagat who recently made her debut in the film The Train. On the topic of Aryeman, Priyanka’s secretary Mishra said “Why dig up skeletons now” Aryeman will also be seen opposite Sayali in a film titled Good Luck.