Priyanka Chopra demands one crore

After the success of Barfi, actress Priyanka Chopra has hiked her fees. The actress reportedly now charges 1 crore for walking the ramp.

Usually stars who walk the ramp for designers charge around 30 lakhs.  Priyanka who have had success with her last two movies Agneepath and Barfi thinks otherwise. Both the movies made to the 100 crore club. Priyanka had also entered a new league, as an International singer, with her single album, ‘In My City’.

Last week she was supposed to be the showstopper for a fashion event in Delhi. When they went to meet her she demanded one crore for the job. They were quite surprised by that. A source said, “Priyanka is the brand ambassador of the event and it was a natural decision to approach her to be the showstopper. However, she spun a surprise on us by asking for a fee of Rs 1 crore! The amount was just too high for the designer at the show.”

Priyanka started her career as a model, walking on the ramp. She was also adjudged as the ‘India’s best dressed’ by People magazine last year. Her award winning movie Fashion also showcased her as a supermodel. It’s to be seen whether hiking her fees will work for her or not.

As for the organizers of the Delhi event, they were clearly not happy with that. The source said, “We could not afford PC's fee and so the deal didn't take place. We had to look for another celebrity to take her place.”

Maybe Priyanka is at the moment, not interested in being a showstopper. She is concentrating more on her singing career aboard, along with the movies she is doing. Her last movie Barfi has done an astounding business of 100 crores and has also been selected by Indian film board as the official entry to Oscar, in the best foreign film category. A source close to Priyanka said, “Priyanka is in India only for a day for her prior commitments. She will soon be in Los Angeles to shoot for her video. There is no question of her walking the ramp at all.”

Her performance in Barfi was liked by all, where she played the role of an autistic girl. It’s also being heard that she will be rooting for Barfi in Los Angles, raising more awareness for the movie.