Priyanka Chopra could not hold her tears

Ravishing Priyanka Chopra had a blast shooting for Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion. She had spent a considerable amount of time with the entire team of Fashion and got emotionally attached with them and now that the final time has come to bid good-bye to all, she turned emotional and could not hold her tears. Madhur wrapped up the final shoot in Hyderabad and all the members bade good-bye to each other. In almost year long shooting, Priyanka mingled well along all and she moved into tears while valediction.

Madhur speaks about Fashion, “We have been shooting on and off for almost a year now and as a unit, we have become very close to each other. Priyanka and Kangana Ranaut will always be very special. They have been amazingly focused and intelligent. When I saw them on the ramp, I realised that I had to put in some powerful scenes between them. I incorporated some powerful confrontational scenes between the two actresses. They have been fabulous together. So were Mughda Godse and Arjan Bajwa. It was a sad day for us when the shoot ended. We were all very emotional and Priyanka actually met and thanked everyone individually.”

Fashion speaks about the real life stories of small town models that come to cities to turn their dream into reality.