Priyanka Chopra copies Jennifer Lopez

If India did not know who JLo was before, we must say Priyanka has done a fabulous job at introducing her, admittedly, in a wrong way. Once, twice and over, Priyanka has hit the tabloids for copying JLo’s style statement and moves. After the booty shake in her single ‘Exotic’ alongside Pitbull, as well as borrowing Pitbull for her videos, as Jennifer Lopez has done in the past, Priyanka Chopra has donned the golden bodysuit once again for her cabaret number in the upcoming film ‘Gunday’. Not only in videos, Priyanka had donned the bodysuit at an award function, this time with silver sequins, leading her fans to question her incessant fixation  for  JLo and why she cannot come up with something original.

Jennifer Lopez had brought in a trademark style statement in the form of a sequined golden bodysuit she had used in her song videos and music tours. It was then noted as very close to a garment worn by Britney Spears in her video ‘Toxic’. But never has it been more overused than what it is being done now by Piggy Chops! Priyanka, who plays a cabaret dancer has been seen in one of the stills of the movie wearing a dress that looks like the one she wore in her video featuring Pitbull which yet again, looks like what the Americal singer – actress Jennifer Lopez had worn for her stage show. Not only in colour, it looked similar in the sequined design!

Priyanka Chopra has been in the news for quite a while for singing career. Already famous in the filming circuit for her acting talent, Priyanka entered the international music industry simultaneously by signing on to Interscope/ DesiHits!/2101 Records in 2011. Later on, she signed with CAA, the first bollywood talent to do so. Classically trained in music, Priyanka is focusing on launching an international pop career. Her singles ‘Exotic’ and ‘In my City’ has Pitbull and Will.I.Am featuring in them.

Priyanka’s singing career has already drawn flak for incessant copying, shallow lyrics and monotonous music. We are sure if she brings in some desi flavour intrinsically into her music, instead of borrowing signature costume details and moves, she can do a lot better and achieve her dream of a singing sensation. Now, we certainly understand PeeCee’s dream of going international. But, we are really going overboard with the uninspiring fashion now. Could we have a change please!