Priyanka Chopra badly trolled for calling Sikkim an insurgent state

While promoting Priyanka Chopra’s new film, ‘Pahuna: The Little Visitors’ at the Toronto International Film Festival, the actress said something that has offended the people of Sikkim.

In a recent interview in Toronto, Priyanka said, "Sikkim is a small state in the Northeast of India which never had a film industry of its own or anyone who made films from there and this is the first film ever that came out from this region because it is very troubled by insurgency …”

The ‘Baywatch’ actress received a lot of backlash on social media for her lack of knowledge and called Sikkim an insurgent state.

One of the users said, “Priyanka Chopra please get your facts correct, there has never been an insurgency problem in Sikkim. Sikkim is the most peaceful state in the Indian union”    

Another trollers said, “Good example to show how little most Indians know about their own country. It’s not her fault, its the Indian education system she has gone through which does not speak much of this region. No wonder she didn’t come to Sikkim”.

One of the trolls also said, “Our bread and butter is #tourism. Do you know how adversely you have marred it ? Tk responsibility "

When the actor saw that she was trolled for the wrong remark, she tendered an apology to Ugen Gyatso, the tourism minister of Sikkim.

This is what she wrote in her apology letter:-

"I'm sorry I have to write to you under these circumstances.. but I needed to clarify my stance in regards to the situation which has arisen due to a comment of mine during an interview for my film Pahuna, which was misunderstood.

As you are aware, I hold the Government and the people of Sikkim in high regard and have in addition to Pahuna been looking to tell more great stories from Sikkim.

From the moment I heard the script of Pahuna, I knew I wanted to share this story with the world. It is important to me because no one else was willing to take a chance on a film like this, that deals with the refugee crises which is an issue that is being dealt with across the world as it is being in Sikkim.. Pahuna is a film that brings a message of hope and positivity.

My comment, made during an interview at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival 2017, where Pahuna made its worldwide debut, was misconstrued. I was talking about the Sikkimese film industry and also the subject of the film, where I mentioned how Sikkim was grappling with the refugee situation caused by insurgencies.. I had meant by the 'neighbouring countries' .. I am fully aware that Sikkim is an incredible host nation (sic) to so many refugees and our film shows exactly that through the children's point of view...

I understand that the statement I made in the interview was open to interpretation. I should have been clearer with my intention. We've made a beautiful film that would not have been possible without the support of the government and people of Sikkim. In no way did I intend to offend or hurt anyone's sentiments and for that I apologise.

I appreciate all the support you have shown me and my team and I wanted to clear the misunderstanding with you directly."

Priyanka Chopra’s mother Madhu Chopra too apologized to Gyatso over phone.