Priyanka Chopra angry over media's question

Priyanka Chopra has been targeted by star wives, she has been openly slammed by filmmaker Karan Johar, she has been boycotted by male actors etc etc. Following all those events, Priyanka Chopra was very much disturbed but she maintained her cool and taking the matters easy.

But at a recent event, Priyanka lost her cool over a journalist when he asked the actress to comment over Gauri Khan and Karan Johar. Gauri Khan ignored Piggy Chops at various events following her link-up with Shahrukh. Gauri is said to be very disturbed as her husband SRK has been involved in an affair with Priyanka.

Karan too dragged himself into the whole affair. In a recent interview published where Piggy Chops close friends said that their friend has been alienated in the industry. To this Karan said that Priyanka has been using her PR strategy to justify her stand and all her claims are lame.

When media questioned her about Gauri and Karan, Priyanka cancelled all the interaction with media. Due to lack of microphone, the journalist questioned her in a loud tone to which Priyanka responded by saying, "GePriyanka said, “Gentleman, by raising your voice don't think I will answer your questions.”

The actress usually maintains cool at events but this time she could not control her temper.