Priyanka Chopra and alleged boyfriend Harman Baweja have a public showdown

Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja claim that they are only friends and are not dating each other. However sources claim that both of them were dating earlier for a while and seem to keep going on the on-off track with their courtship. When Harman’s soon to be debut film Lovestory 2050 was in trouble as there was no leading lady, it was Priyanka Chopra who volunteered to do the film. According to sources now that both Priyanka and Harman are working together closely, they have again come close to each other. However all is definitely not well with their relationship it seems as the two of them recently had a showdown outside Harman’s home. Priyanka was seen ranting and raving and finally even succumbed to tears after the showdown.
Priyanka and Harman were returning from a night out in her car, when they probably had a huge argument. As soon as the car pulled up outside Harman’s home he got out of the car and Priyanka followed suit. The usually calm Priyanka was hysterical and began to yell and scream at Harman outside his home. Not wanting to create a scene late at night Harman just headed towards his house, this infuriated Priyanka even more and she continued to yell at him. Sources claim Harman even cautioned her saying “Don’t create a scene outside my house, you will get into trouble.” A friend of the couple who was in the car also stepped out and tried to make Priyanka see reason, but she was in no mood and continued to get hysterical. Finally Harman took Priyanka into his home and perhaps tried to calm her down. After a while the two emerged from his house, but Priyanka was in tears and sobbing profusely.

The two then went their own way in their respective cars. However it seems that the story didn’t end there, but a few days later Priyanka was again spotted outside Harman’s home quite late at night, banging on his door. Priyanka was once again hysterical but this time she was sobbing and apologetic for her rude behaviour the other day. She kept banging on the door which disturbed quite a few other neighbours. However Harman feigned complete ignorance about any such incident and still claims that the two of them are ‘just friends’. Although Priyanka was seen in some big films like Krrish and Don last year, she was severely criticized for her performance in them. Well the lady definitely seems to be going through a rough patch both professionally and personally.