Priyanka celebrates Diwali with Harman

After the downfall of Love Story 2050, Priyanka almost cut ties with Harman Baweja with whom she was rumored to be dating with. She not only showed her back to Harman but his family also. But this Diwali has brought Priyanka again closer to Harman and his family. She stepped into Harman’s Diwali celebration at his home at the mid-night and spend few hours with them.

Sources said that Harman invited her on behalf of his father Harry Baweja and mother Pammi Baweja. Piggy Chops respected their invitation and attended the Diwali celebration.

Harman and Priyanka’s relationship saw a new beginning only during the promotion of ‘What’s Your Rashee’.

Time will say whether Priyanka’s Diwali celebration with Harman is the beginning of a new relationship or its just a formal visit?