Priyanka and her cousin Meera are not close buddies

Unlike Priyanka Chopra and her cousin Parineeti Chopra, Meera Chopra is not a close buddy of the Priyanka. Meera who is making her Bollywood debut with Satish Kaushik'sGang of Ghosts’ candidly confessed that she and Priyanka are not close buddies but there is no tiff between them.

"There is no tiff as such. In fact, our families are very close. My parents are very close to Priyanka's parents. It's just that we are not close buddies. So there is no tiff between us," Meera said at the muhurat of her film Gang of Ghosts on Thursday.

Meera is not new to showbiz; she has already made acting debut with Tamil film, Anbe Aaruyire and starred in movies like Vaana and Maaro.

Priyanka Chopra is an established star and Meera has just started her Bollywood journey but she said that she is very confident about her acting and she does not require acting tips from her cousin sister.

"I would not take any tips from Priyanka because I myself have been working in the south for the last three years. I have done 20 movies in the south and I personally feel I am a very good actress. So I would not take any acting tips," said the actress here at the mahurat of the film.

Meera Chopra won’t take acting tips from Priyanka but she idolizes Priyanka for her “hard work and dedication”."Not only should our family, everybody who is not from the industry, who is a newcomer, look up to her because when she came into the industry, she was completely new with no background,” she said.

"Whatever she is today is because of her hard work and dedication," she added.

As she is making her Bollywood debut with Satish Kaushik’s ‘Gang of Ghosts’, Meera is confident about the film’s success.

"When Satishji narrated the script, I was laughing like crazy. So, when you laugh that much at narration, you can imagine how much the audience would laugh. So, I think it'll be a sure shot hit. It is very important to have a hit movie at the beginning," said Meera.

She has also signed the third installment of Vikram Bhatt's 1920 franchise and is looking forward to the film.

"I have been trying since last one year. My main aim was to work with good production houses, good directors and have a good role. My role in 1920 was so mind-blowing that when Vikram narrated me the script, I didn't even ask him who the actor was," she said.