Priyanka and former manager working together again?

If the rumors are true, then Priyanka Chopra would soon be seen working with her former manager Prakash Jaju. Priyanka had sacked Jaju nearly nine years ago and there was serious disputes between the two. Jaju contended that he regarded Priyanka as his daughter and his only aim was to help her build her career. But she was irresponsible and never appreciated what he has done for him. Jaju claimed that it was his efforts which lead the actress to land starring roles opposite Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan. He also claimed to have put a lot of money in her films. But, according to Jaju, she spent hours talking to her then boyfriend Harman Baweja on her cell phone and ignored her commitments.

“I'll give you her mobile bills. She spent hours talking on it. I'd call her for something important and her phone would be engaged. There'd sometimes be as many as 20-30 calls. She couldn't disconnect her talk with Harman (producer Harry Baweja's son) to ask what I wanted”, said Jaju in an interview. Ultimately, Priyanka send a message to people saying that Jaju is no longer dealing with her affairs. This resulted in a serious rift between the two. Court cases were filed against one another and Jaju was imprisoned for a short time. He claimed that Priyanka owed him Rs. 67 lakhs. He was also sure that it was Priyanka’s father who was instrumental in getting rid of him. Matters went so far that Jaju threatened to reveal details of priyanka’s personal life if he was not paid the money he was due.

But now, the warring pair may be working together again. Jaju is the project designer of Welcome 2 by Feroz Nadiawala. Priyanka has been approached by Feroz to play the lead in the film opposite John Abraham. “Jaju is the project designer for the film and the makers are currently in talks with Priyanka for the film. If she gives her nod, then she will end up working with Prakash. It would be interesting to see if PC actually takes on the offer,” said a source.

Jaju is quite fine with working with Priyanka again. He said, “They can be in talks with Priyanka and if she accepts the film then I don’t have any issues working with her again.”

It will be interesting to see whether Priyanka agrees to working with her former manager or rejects the movie to avoid him.