Priya Bhatija files for divorce, accuses husband DJ Kawaljeet of physical assault

TV actor Priya Bhatija's marriage with DJ Kawaljeet has ended and the couple has filed for divorce.  This is Priya’s second divorce. She married DJ Kawaljeet after breaking up with Jatin Shah. 

Priya began, "It is unfortunate that we have to speak about this; you would expect how a girl who is  going through divorce the second time (earlier married to actor Jatin Shah)  feels! Like any girl, I wanted to have a fairytale wedding, otherwise why would I agree to marry again? Having lost faith in love marriage, I agreed for an arranged match. I had hoped this was for good, which is why I even agreed to put my career on pause and spend time in Raipur.

But what I thought and what was--- were two different things altogether! After marriage when I moved to Raipur to stay with him and his parents - it appeared that my husband wanted to settle down in Mumbai! At first I thought, I couldn't have asked for more! Surprisingly, my MIL was adamant that we shift to Mumbai, bag and baggage. I made every effort to help my husband in his career, but never did he treat this as a serious relationship. I was, in fact, a ticket to his life in Mumbai, " And then, Priya paused.

After a pause, she continued, "I had hoped to not speak about this, but after the BT article, I have no choice. I don’t want to get into the details how this marriage went kaput. Okay, let me tell you, that it was a case of domestic violence and one day it grew really out of hand; I had to complain to the cops; I filed a NC in Oshiwara Police Station.

I wish him all the best, but honestly it’s unfortunate that it had to end this way! He made me sign the divorce papers by mutual consent; my Dad just wanted it to end so I complied. I believe in second chances and I believe in forgiving. I had hoped to forgive Kawal, who married me on false pretexts, that there was vital information about his life that was hidden from me and my family which we later found out. 

Despite that, I did not receive the respect I deserved and was only subjected to physical and emotional trauma, the proof of which can be found in the medical bill and the police complaint filed by my family and me. At this point, to go further into any more detail will only question my dignity and I choose to move on and not dwell into my past. I am grateful to be doing great work currently (now seen prominently in Ekta Kapoor's Daayan) and promise my fans they will be seeing a lot  more of me in the recent times to come," Priya signed off.