Principal declares holiday on Salman’s request

When Salman Khan reached Jaipur engineering college to promote his latest flick, ‘Dabangg’ with Sonakshi Sinha, he took the college with storm. He had a good interactive session with the students there. He jokingly requested the principal of the college to declare a holiday on Wednesday and surprisingly, the principal did the same.

A source present with Salman reveals, "He was doing his rounds promoting the film in Jaipur. First he stopped at the Umang School (they work for the rehabilitation of the disabled). He spent time with the kids there and even made a `11-lakh donation. After that, he went to the Deepshikha Regional Engineering College where he was mobbed by students."

He insisted on spending more time with the students than needed. When asked for a wish, the students unanimously asked for a holiday.

"Salman took the mic and sweetly requested the principal if he could give the students a holiday the next day. The students started cheering and clapping. The principal gave in and declared Wednesday as a holiday for the college," adds the source.

That’s why Salman is hot favorite among the youths.