Prince Harry cozying up with model Cara

Price Harry has found another girl to spend time with and he is recently cozying up with young model Cara. It is reported that the handsome hunk spend afternoon with Cara when both were invited for Prince Harry ’s cousin Princess Beatrice's home recently for a get together. She was playful and both passed the afternoon chatting.

A source told Britain's LOOK magazine: "Harry made a beeline for Cara as soon as he spotted her. Everywhere you looked there were models, actors and aristocrats but Harry and Cara didn't seem to notice. They spent the whole afternoon only talking to each other.

"The theme for the [party] was Hollywood Westerns. Cara kept stealing Harry's cowboy hat and teasing him about his boots. He seemed to love it and obviously thought she was hilarious."

After the party, both spotted together in several occasions and even Prince Harry brought her a sassy gift at their last meeting.

The source explained: "It was a silly thing - an in-flight magazine, which is a running joke between them to prove who has the most jet set lifestyle."

Harry in the past dated socialite Cressida Bonas and he also caught up with a blonde beauty at an after-party for 'The Dark Knight Rises' premiere in London last year.

Cara 20 also has her share of story. She recently dated singer Jake Bugg, but the young couple called off their romance in April.