Priety Zinta’s house robbed

After a month long holiday when Preity Zinta came back home what she found that her house was ransacked and robbed. The damage is assumed to be done by her domestic help. Preity after IPL took a long break and some assumed that she might have migrated from India. She laughed at the rumor and said, "I haven't migrated to the US or any other country. I'm not going anywhere. Mumbai is my home and I am working here. I took a much-needed break after the IPL."

Regarding the robbery, Preity said, "Mere ghar main ho gayi solid chori. They took money and some jewellery. My mother came to Mumbai, spotted the theft and reported it immediately. It was her money that they took."

Preity loves traveling a lot, "I've always been a gypsy. Whether for my outdoor shoots or holidays, I'm frequently out of the country. On my way back, I stopped over in London."

Now that she is back with a bang, Preity is back to work and listening to scripts. Very shortly, she will start working on some interesting films.