Press enraged after not being allowed to click pictures of Preity Zinta

Recently Preity Zinta and beau Ness Wadia arrived in Jodhpur as guests for the grand Arun-Liz wedding being held at Umaid Bhavan.Preity and Ness arived by private jet and were prepared to be bombarded by the waiting media.However outside the airport the police have set up their own protection system to protect the arriving stars,celebrities and VIP's.Journalists too have been camping outside the airport for the last two days in the hope of getting pictures and sound bytes from celebrities,unfortunately time and again the press has been given the slip and celebrities are just rushed off into their waiting cars.When the press spotted Preity and Ness,the celebrity hungry journalists began to get excited and tried getting closer to the stars for a few phot ops and sound bytes.But the journalists were taken aback when they were manhandled and pushed back by cops.
The police did not want Preity or Ness to pose or answer any questions for the media as they felt it would only lead to more chaos.So the cops jostled and pushed away a few reporters including some female reporters.Preity Zinta was upset by the cops manhandling the female reporters and tried to intervene, but she was ignored.Preity also tried to make peace and give the reporters a few sound bytes, but the cops just ushered her away into her car.This enraged the frustrated journalists and they all got together and beat up a few police men who had earlier manhandled them.No doubt Preity tried to diffuse the situation earlier but unfortunately she was unable to help.However she did make her displeasure for the cops manhandling the female reporters quite clear.

Preity was recently also shooting for her first full length English film 'The Last Lear' which also stars Amitabh Bachchan and Arjun Rampal.The film is being directed by Rituparno Ghosh and Preity says "I think Rituda is a fantastic director who emphasises on small details.Plus it's my first English language film,so I'm extra-excited." Preity feels the experience of working in an English language film is definitely different and she also enjoyed the experience of shooting in Kolkatta. She has also learned a few words in Bengali so that she can communicate with the unit members while shooting for the film.Preity also recently attended a Women's Day event and she claims "Women don't need any inspiration,they should inspire themselves each day as it comes."