Preity Zinta’s cousin commits suicide in Shimla

Preity Zinta’s cousin Nitin Chauhan kills himself. He shoots himself inside his car bearing the registration number HP 51 2089 near Sector 2, new Shimla with a pistol on Friday morning. Police informed that Chauhan shoots himself in the head with a pistol. Since it was morning time nobody head the sound of firing.

Police was informed when the family members saw blood near the car. During investigation, police found two suicide notes, one from his car and the other from his home. In both the notes, he blamed his wife and in-laws for forcing him to take such drastic steps.

 “The victim and his wife had separated two years ago. The case regarding legal separation was pending in the court,” a senior police official said, adding, “The hearing of the case was on Friday.”

“In both suicide notes, of four pages each, Chauhan blamed his wife and in-laws of harassing him,” a police officer further informed.

In both the notes, he mentioned being harassed by his in-laws and wife and filing false case against him and also not allowing him to meet son.

When police interrogated Nitin Chauhan’s mother, she informed her that he was at home last night but around midnight when she went to his room he wasn't there and she thought that he might gone for a drive. In the morning, they saw his car parked roadside and there were blood stain near the car.

On the basis of the suicide note, police registered case of abetment to suicide against Chauhan’s in-laws and investigation is on. “We have not interrogated anyone but registered a case against those mentioned in suicide note,” a Shimla police officer said.

Police is not able to trace the source of weapon. The victim does not possess any weapon, as informed by the family members.  Police has sent the weapon for forensic examination.