Preity Zinta throws tantrums at airport

Preity Zinta is a dimpled beauty who is extremely busy these days. ‘Ishq in Paris’ is her come back film after many years and she is not keeping any stone unturned to ensure the success of the movie. She is attending live events and functions promoting the film all around India. Recently Preity visited the beautiful Gujrati city of Ahmedabad to promote her film.

The tour went well but all hell broke loose at airport where she went to catch her flight back at home. The big screen diva had an Ahmedabad to Mumbai flight that was scheduled to depart at 9:45 pm on Wednesday night. Ms. Zinta arrived at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport to catch her flight albeit very late.

According to the sources present at the airport, the actress arrived very late. The Air India flight had already closed the doors and was ready for taking off. Naturally she was denied to catch the flight. An airport official stated that, "Air India station manager refused to allow her to board the flight for being late."

Preity Zinta was furious when she was denied to board the flight for being so late. She lost her temper and broke into a heated argument with all the Air India staffs present at the spot. The onlookers said that the heroine was so ferocious and aggressive that the security personnel at the airport had to intervene and break up the quarrel.

Finally the actress had to come to her senses and accept the inevitable. The Air India flight that she was supposed to board departed at the right time without taking her.  Preity had to spend the night at airport waiting for the next Air India flight to Mumbai. She finally caught the 4 am flight in the morning.

We wonder whether the Bollywood celebrities have started considering themselves above the countless general public. Rules are the same for all. It seems whenever a celebrity is treated in the same way as a commoner would be, he or she loses the cool. This is a phenomenon that should be controlled. Popularity should not translate into unfair advantages.

Preity should have made it on time to the airport and if she got late she should have accepted the fact that she won’t be allowed to board the flight. This was done as per the long existing rule and not something meted out to her only.