Preity Zinta’s New Year plans: learning to ski in Colorado

Everyone is planning their New Year trips and so are our bollywood stars. While some of them are planning to bring in New Years in Mumbai, others like Preity Zinta are busy planning their trip abroad. Come New Year’s and Preity Zinta will be off to the chilly climate of Colorado where she’s going to learn skiing. Preity wants to learn a new sport and feels that it’s never to late to learn, hence she’s headed off to the snowy slopes of Colorado. Whether pretty Preity’s boyfriend Ness Wadia will accompany her on her mini vacation remains to be seen.
Preity is all excited about learning to ski this New Year and says “I’ve been in the snow a lot, but I have never gone skiing. I want to learn a new sport and it’s never too late to learn.” Preity will spend two weeks in the open hilly outdoors learning to ski and relaxing. Preity is all excited about the New Year 2007 but she is also extremely satisfied with the past year of 2006. Though both Preity’s films may have not fared so well at the box-office in 2006, Preity says “Ten years from now I’ll be extremely proud of both my films and that’s exactly what I need to feel about my films.”

Preity looks forward to 2007 as her film ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’ will be releasing. Preity will also be doing more films in 2007 and already has three films lined up. Preity says “I’ve never looked anxiously over my shoulder at the so-called competition. As I grow older I’m more contained and even more charged up about my work.” Preity claims that the two incidents that turned her life around and made her view things differently were her father’s death when she was 14 years and the Tsunami incident. Preity says “Today I’m a totally different person as only when you see death so closely do you really realize what frivolous lives we lead.” Preity also wants to do different and exciting roles as she now has the choice to be adventurous and she also does not want to do any roles that she will regret later.

Preity felt humbled when she was giving out the bravery awards in Delhi after seeing the extraordinary human spirit displayed by some of the people there. Preity however is guarded about her personal relationship with boyfriend Ness Wadia . Preity does not want to keep talking about her relationship as she wants to maintain her separate identity and professional life. Nonetheless on rumours of her splitting with Ness she says “I can’t keep clarifying speculations all the time. No one listens and I don’t lie about anything, if I’m wrong I admit it.”

Preity had a great year in 2006 and she hopes that 2007 will be even more rocking, she is extra charged up for the forthcoming year.