Preity Zinta on Love, Sex, Men & Fantasies

<a href='//' title='Preity Zinta' class='article_display_tag' data-id='preity-zinta' id='article_tag_data_preity-zinta' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Preity Zinta</strong></a>A recent issue of the magazine Man's World featured Preity Zinta in an exclusive interview along with her reflections on Love, Sex, Men, Fantasies & Food.

With her future project Lakshya, Yash Chopra's next film and a cameo in Dil Ne Jisse Apna Kaha, Preity's looking to tackle... head-on. Excerpts from her reflections

Most memorable moment to date: I think when I got a slap on my bottom when I was born. Awareness, 'I've arrived'!

Favourite dish: My all-time favourite is kadi-chawal.

Most memorable holiday ever taken: I've taken tons of holidays and they've all been memorable. Australia, Hawaii and Europe are my favourites.

Rate in order of importance: love, money, sex, power: Love is most important. Least important would be power because if you have money, you automatically have power. Sex is also important because I'm a normal person.

My idea of sex appeal: I think sex appeal is defined today as more trashy than it actually is. With all these cheesy videos coming out, these women trying to be sexy, it's disgusting. Sex appeal is intelligence, it's the way you look at someone, it's always more subtle. Sex appeal is not loud, trash is. You don't have to drop half your clothes to be sexy. Sometimes just the way you look at someone, the way you touch that person, that's sexy.

One fantasy that still has to come true: I always keep imagining things. At one point I seriously wanted to be Prime Minister of the country. Recently, I wanted to play Trinity in The Matrix.

If you could be born again as anyone else, except yourself, who would that person be? I reckon, Madonna. It's no point saying Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi or Nutan because those spots are already taken by all the Miss Indias!

What's the thing you find most attractive in a man? A couple of things-intelligence, self-esteem; I like men who are sure of themselves and not just weathercocks and most importantly, integrity. Common sense and humour also help.

The oddest thing ever done in my life I've done some pretty crazy things from bungee jumping to dressing up in a burkha and frightening my friends.