Preity Zinta not ready for settlement with Ness Wadia

The much highlighted Preity ZintaNess Wadia case has reached an important point. With the police making some progress with the investigation, attempts had been started by well wishers of both the actor and the industrialist to settle the matter out of court. As per sources, those who are trying to make peace between Ness and Preity include a Bollywood star, a former central minister, a noted advocate and son of a noted businessman. They had even sent feelers to the police that an out of court settlement may be reached. However when asked, a police officer involved with the investigation commented, “That is none of our concern. Our officers are in the process of collecting strong evidence.” 

But latest reports suggest that these so-called settlement efforts have fallen flat because Preity is unrelenting. This development may prove troublesome for Ness Wadia as a key witness in the case has reportedly given a statement that goes against him. The witness in question is Jai Kanojia who is a common friend of both Ness Wadia and Preity Zinta.  An officer close to the investigation said on Thursday, “The statement of Jai Kanojia was today recorded and some more witnesses will be called in the next few days… "In his statement, Kanojia, who was in Garware pavilion with the two, stated that he saw Ness grabbing Preity`s arm but could not hear their conversation due to the noise of spectators during the match. Preity Zinta had named 14 witnesses to the police and 9 among them have already been questioned. The officer added, “We plan to record the statements of one Parul Khanna, journalist Shailesh Gupta, the COO of Kings XI Punjab, Fraser Castellino, and Tara (identified only by her first name) who were present at the Garware Pavilion (where the alleged incident took place). Zinta had invited Khanna and Gupta for the IPL match."  Police have also sent an e-mail to an Australian national named Jean who present at the time of the incident. It is expected that Police will be questioning Ness Wadia himself on Sunday or Monday.

Meanwhile, one of Preity Zinta’s neighbors has claimed that the actor showed him her bruised arm on May 31, the day after the incident when he went to meet her.  The neighbor is a Danish Merchant, a builder by profession, is considered a key witness in the case by police because he was present at the Garware Pavilion where the incident took place. He also told the police that he saw a foreign national, Jean protest when Ness grabbed Preity’s arm.