Preity Zinta lashes out at the media for targeting boyfriend Ness

Recently there were rumours about Preity and business tycoon Ness Wadia’s split, however the two put an end to these rumours when they were recently spotted having a good time at Vijay Mallaya’s yacht party. Preity and Ness looked happy and comfortable together. However Preity it seems is not too happy that the media is invading her privacy and digging into her personal life. Recently the media reported that her boyfriend Ness had beat up some labourers outside her Bandra home when he visited her. However when Preity saw this news on TV, she was hopping mad at the false accusations and personally lambasted the press for not getting their facts right.
This is not Preity’s first tussle with the media as the actress is currently in the middle of a case against a daily newspaper which she sued. On Thursday evening Preity Zinta was shocked to see news channels carrying reports of her beau allegedly beating up some labourers the previous night outside her home. The press was also gathered outside her home waiting for the actress to give some information about the supposed scuffle. However the press was in for a rude shock when instead Preity came outside of her home and yelled at the press for being unprofessional and not checking their facts. Preity claimed in a sarcastic manner that the news channels had reported that the fight had happened at 12 midnight and questioned the media as to which labourers work in a building at night? Preity rebuked the media saying “You all put any kind of news in print in circulation and then the onus falls on us to clarify. On what basis are you putting a news item? If you want to talk about me then say I’m the most beautiful woman and I have the most amazing films. Why are you bringing in my boyfriend and me and creating this mess?”

The news reports claimed that Ness who was visiting Preity’s house at the time was peeved as the workers were making a lot of noise at night and hence he roughed up some of them due to which one of them was supposedly even injured. However Preity denies any of this saying “You find me the woman who was reportedly injured. I say on national television that I will pay Rs. 1 crore to any lady who has been injured and that is hard earned money for me.”