Preity Zinta lashes out at media

Preity Zinta is in constant tiff with media, sometimes media upset her for invading her privacy and sometimes she gets hurt when they gives misinformation about her. Reportedly, the bubbly actress is again in severe tiff with the media when they pushed her wrongly and making a ruckus when she went to Shirdi.

"Good morning! Went to Shirdi yesterday and came back with memories of media pushing me instead of the serene face and energy of Sai Baba (sic)," an irritated Preity posted on her Twitter page.

The 36-year-old actor lashes out at the media and expressed her displeasure when they pushed her badly.

"I wonder why our temples have become so commercial? Why A temple trustee's urge 2 b photographed with a celebrity is entertained by media? In front of god, we bare ourselves and look to purify our soul. Instead of feeling uplifted i came back feeling sad and deprived from Shirdi.

"In the rut to make anything news, have we forgotten to respect god and someone's genuine devotion? I fold my hands to the media and request dem 2 Respect us and respect GOD! Not every celebrity goes 2 a temple 4 Tamasha! Some genuinely go 2 pray and 2 disturb them then is BAD KARMA," she added.