Preity Zinta lashes out at Jet Airways for missing flight

Preity Zinta had a bad fly with Jet Airways. The bubbly actress had to miss her flight to Delhi due to delay in the fly of Jet Airways. Preity Zinta took to Twitter to slam Jet Airways airline.

In a series of tweets, Preity vented her anger and fustration.

#JetAirways makesU wait4 1.5hours in the lounge as they are delayed then off load U cuz their staff forgets to tell u in time they R boarding

#Thank You #JetAirways 4always being late, 4making me miss my flight today & making ur strongest supporter never wanting to fly with U again

While answering fans questions during Twitter chat Preity Zinta wrote.

 #Grrrrr !!! Their service and attitude has become terrible over the years...or they simply don't care... I'm so done with them. …

#I am ok with that but it's the way the flight staff behaves post that , that is important cuz when we are late they take off and rightly so …

The Jet Airways team reaches out to Preity through Twitter.

#@realpreityzinta Hi Preity, we're concerned to note this. Our team will soon connect with you.

#@realpreityzinta Hi Preity, we tried contacting you, however, couldn't reach. Pls DM us your alternate contact no. & the best time to reach.

In July, Ameesha Patel also expressed her fustration against Air India and called it the worst airline.