Preity Zinta denies being in financial trouble

Actress Preity Zinta is reported to be furious over the rumors of her alleged financial distress that are circulating in Bollywood. Some days ago, her friends expressed concern at the way the actress was spending money. It seems she spends huge amount of money on herself and her friends, though her current projects are not working out very well. One particularly concerned friend alleged, “She made the mistake of abandoning her career when she was with Ness Wadia. So many producers called her but she was not interested in taking their calls, leave alone reading the scripts they were offering. All she wanted was Ness…”

These rumors gained strength when it was reported that scriptwriter Abbas Tyrewala has filed a case against Priety when her check for Rs. 18.9 lakhs bounced. It was supposed to have been payment for the script of the film Ishq in Paris which unfortunately tanked at the box office.  One report said, “Film writer Abbas Tyrewala has a case against Preity for non-payment of dues. However, the Bombay High Court quashed the non-bailable warrant against the actress, providing her relief in the same matter.” Strong rumors surfaced that Priety had moved out of her luxurious apartment in Quantum Park, Union Park, Khar, Mumbai and has asked her friends to look for a tenant for this apartment.

However, the actress has vehemently denied these rumors. "Where did this come from? I am amazed at how off-the-mark the report is. It is a thousand percent untrue," the 39 year old actress proclaimed. "By the grace of god, I'm most comfortably able to look after myself financially. It is not only untrue it's extremely irritating to read such fabrications about oneself."

Preity frankly did not know whether to be amused or insulted by the rumors. "There is so much drama in that story. Bechari (poor) Preity. She has to vacate her mahal (palace) and live in a jhopdi (shanty) because the cruel creditors are breaking down her door. I wish people would look for their afternoon soap opera scripts somewhere else. There is no such drama happening in my life," she said. 

The situation was rendered even more embarrassing when the friends of the actress started making discreet enquiries into her financial status. "I am not going bankrupt, guys. If anything, I see a bankruptcy of another kind in desperate news like reports like these," said Preity.