Preity Zinta comes open about Ness

Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia were considered as the most charming couple but unfortunately their relationship did not meet its fruitful end. Ness and Preity split wide apart last year but they are still friends, according to bubbly Preity Zinta. The actress has moved on in life but still in touch with her ex-flame, Ness Wadia.

Ness and Preity are co-owners of the IPL team, Kings Punjab X1 and she regret that she has mixed professional and personal life but at the same time admits that she has learned a lot all these years and Preity said that she and Ness are still friends. She knows that if something goes wrong, he would stand by me and vice versa but she clarifies that there's nothing more than that.

Preity Zinta is single but she is scared of telling people that. She reasoned, "These days I get scared telling people that I am single because when I say that, I get linked to everybody I meet. So I have a new strategy today - when people ask me if I am single I say 'I am dating somebody and it's a big secret' as that's safer than saying I'm single. I am very happy in my space. When I get married I will tell everyone because I have always been honest about what I do. Yes I will get married and have amazing kids'.

Preity turns producer with ‘Ishq In Paris’ and she is very excited about her debut project.