Preity Zinta ambassador of Godfrey Philips Bravery Awards

Preity Zinta will soon be seen in her next release, Karan Johar’s film Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna (KANK) and hence she has decided to promote her film in a unique way. Preity Zinta is well known for her acts of bravery, especially after she was the sole bollywood celebrity who testified in a court of law regarding threatening calls made to her by the underworld. Now keeping up her bravery image, the actress has turned brand ambassador for Godfrey Philips Bravery Awards.
Recently Preity Zinta was in Delhi for a blood donation drive which was associated with the Godfrey Philips Bravery Awards. Last year before the actress’s film Salaam Namaste released she launched a cleanliness drive in South Mumbai and was seen taking to the streets with a broom in hand along with beau Ness Wadia. This time just before her big release KANK Preity is promoting the cause of blood donation. However the actress does not make excuses regarding the timing for her supporting a cause and the timing for her big release coinciding, in fact she is quite forthright about it and says “Donate blood and watch KANK, you will enjoy the film better.”

Preity justifies her promotion strategy and says “Life is not always about I, me and myself. I have to be physically present to support a cause. I’ve been travelling a lot ever since my last release and have come back only now.” Preity sees no harm in promoting two causes at one go. She is also aware that a star helps in spreading awareness about an issue and says “Stars attract media which attracts masses.” At the same time the bubbly Preity Zinta does not feel that she needs to do charity to build her image with the public. She feels that she already has a good image with the public and she says “I have an image which is very good. I do not need to work hard to build an image.”

Preity Zinta will be seen playing a successful fashion editor in her next film KANK. The promos of the film are already on air and Preity seems to look stunning in them. She is seen in a new look for the film and the song ‘Where’s The Party Tonight’ along with co-star Abhishek Bachchan from KANK completely rocks and seems to be on its way to becoming a hit party song. Preity has also been busy with her visit to Cannes this year and was also seen performing at the IIFA Awards 2006 .