Preity and Ness headed for splitville?

All’s not well in Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia’s love paradise. With brewing tensions in their relationship, it seems that both are heading for splitville. Preity and Ness are touted as one of the most powerful couple of tinselville and with their on-going cold war, we can take into account that another dynamic couple is to have gone kaput. 

The rumor gained momentum when both headed in two different directions. Both Ness and Preity own the multi crores IPL team but instead of attending the events together, they are making individual appearances and most of the time keeps away from one another. In the past, whatever be the occasions, the sizzling duo had always be seen holding arms in arms but today they are seen nowhere jointly.

In the most publicized events like Filmfare Awards to the recent Lakme India Fashion event, Preity has been spotted without her prince charming Ness.

Whether Preity divulges the hard truth or not but the crack in their relationship could easily be traced.