Preity meets Ness' grandmother

Preity Zinta, Ness Wadia and Maureen WadiaThough Preity is not Ness’s mother Maureen Wadia’s favorite, she is least bother about those hard facts and went ahead to meet Ness’ grandmother, Dina Wadia, daughter of Mohammad Ali Jinnah gracefully. Preity is floored with her intelligence and presence of mind. She is completely gaga over her. Dina Wadia too took interest in Preity’s affair and talked with her about IPL and other issues. Preity is awestruck with her elegance and knowledge. 

Preity remarked, "The first time I met her, I stared at her open mouthed. My goodness, she carries so much history within her! Since then we’ve met over dinner and at other social occasions several times. Each time I’m struck by her gentle demeanor, her classic elegance, and yes, her fragility." She further said, "I was also struck by her unmistakable facial resemblance to her illustrious father (Jinnah). I’ve never seen two people who resemble each other so closely."

Dina Jinnah is one of Preity’s favorite women and she holds her in a high esteem.