Preity is Hollywood bound!

Preity ZintaShe sure has come along way from her debut in Mani Rathnam's Dil Se, in which she stole the thunder from right under Manisha Koirala's nose, despite having a small role...
...But there are other reasons to celebrate Preity Zinta's 30th birthday this year. Her career is going great guns, she still has her phirang boyfriend doting on her, (she never makes a public appearance with him though) and she still manages to make producers chase her, and signs films on her own terms.

And while the Ashs, Lara Duttas and Gulshan Grovers of the world crow about any minuscule Hollywood role that comes their way, not many people are aware that it's the Zinta girl who has impressed some of the hot shot agents from LA for her sheer "honesty, energy and sparkle that come alive on screen."

Though there haven't been any formal talks or official announcements so far, people in the industry are aware of some agents making enquiries about this Simla-bred girl.

A male actor who just "adores" her, but wouldn't like to be named for the fear of probably rubbing his girlfriend the wrong way, compares her to Meg Ryan and Goldie Hawn, and is very hopeful that given the right script, she could make her mark in the West too.

Move over Ms. Rai. No international exposure, not even the Cannes jury tag, has been able to do what this Zinta's cool temperament and vivacity have done for her!