Preity furious at Isha?

Preity Zinta is known to be one of the most professional actresses in bollywood, so naturally it came as a surprise when pretty Preity reportedly stalled the shooting of her forthcoming film, Har Pal for around four hours. Sources claim that Zinta kicked up a fuss and stalled the shooting as she was displeased about the fact that she and the second female lead in the film, Isha Koppikar had similar outfits. 

Preity Zinta and ness WadiaPreity Zinta, Shiney Ahuja, Isha Koppikar etc are a part of Jahnu Barua's film 'Har Pal'. Preity and Isha were to shoot a film sequence and when Isha walked into the sets, Preity was stunned to see the latter dressed in a similar outfit as her. This no doubt upset her. A source claims "Isha walked into the sets wearing the same black coat and boots that Preity was wearing. When Preity saw Isha, she was stunned and furious. She told Barua that this was rather unfair and he should quickly make arrangements to change Isha's look." Apparently Barua also had to call in the producer of the film and together they tried to reason out the situation with Preity. Ironically it was not a pre planned move that both actresses were to wear the same outfit; it was just coincidental that they happened to be wearing identical outfits. Barua and the producer Tito also reasoned with Preity that the designers for both actresses were also different, while Preity's clothes were being designed by Surily Goel, Isha's clothes were being designed by Payal Saluja and hence this was not a deliberate attempt to show her down.

Barua and Tito also convinced Preity that it was not a big deal if both the actresses had similar outfits for the scene. Finally after having stalled the shoot for around four hours, Preity agreed to give the shot along with Isha wearing the similar outfit as her. On the issue, Isha Koppikar simply said "All's well that end's well." However Preity flatly denied any such thing happening and said "Silly talk, don't know where this comes from." So like other bollywood actresses, was Preity feeling a tad insecure?