Preity flirting with a foreigner?

Preity ZintaIt seems that in the glamour world of Bollywood the more you become successful, the more will be the gossip about you. Nowadays, Preity Zinta is considered to be the number one heroine of the Hindi movie industry. So she becomes a soft target of the media. Stories about her affair have been circulating.
After 'Dil Chahta Hai' her name was associated with Aamir Khan. She was said to be responsible even for the split between Aamir and his wife. Preity's relation with Aamir was nothing more than just friendship.

Later Preity was named even for the break- up between Saif Ali Khan and his wife Amrita. But Saif made it clear that his affair with an Italian girl was the main cause of break-up. However, now Preity is often seen with a foreign friend. Recently, she had come to the music release function of her new film with this friend. Preity's this friend is none other than James Foster, the CEO of a Delhi-based multinational company. Only a few days ago she had booked a theatre in Mumbai to watch 'Murder' with this friend. This is to recall that Preity had gone on a fortnight tour to Europe with James to spend holidays there. Just wait to see how long the relationship between this top heroine and a top corporate executive is going to last!