Preity breaks up with Ness, dating Vikram

Preity Zinta after splitting away from Ness Wadia is not sitting mum and howling over her break up. Infact, the bold lady has soon found solace in the arm of a new man by the name Vikram Chatwal who is a New York-based businessman and hotelier and onetime model.

Both Vikram and Preity are lonely souls. If Preity has broken up with Ness then Vikram’s marriage with model Priya Sachdev is also on the verge of ending. The bonding between the two forlorn souls was best seen at Lakme Fashion Week, held at Mai Mumbai.

At the recently held Lakme Fashion Week when Vikram walked the ramp with Naomi Campbell, Preity from the audience seat was heard hauling and cheering thereby giving clear indication of some open secret affair.  They not only hang out together on the show but at the party also they were seen hand in hand. 

We can say that another relationship in the tinselville has gone kaput. Preity and Ness has been together for five long years.