Preity, Arjun, Sridevi arrive at Salman’s Ganesh Puja

Like every year, Salman Khan and his family celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi in his galaxy apartment. As it is said, it is all started by Salman’s younger sister Arpita Khan 11 years ago and all the family members joined in the celebration.

Though Salman Khan’s family comprises members of different religion, they all carries equal love and respect for every religion. Ganesh idol was brought to Galaxy apartment and puja has been performed.

Stars were seen parking their car at Sallu’s apartment. Salman and his family welcomed every guest.

Salman Khan sports a being human white T-shirt and welcomed the guests. Producer Ramesh Tarauni arrived at the pooja. Sohail Khan greets the guests. Designer Saina NC was also spotted. Arjun Kapoor who calls Salman his mentor was also seen at the venue.

Singer Roop Kumar Rathod was also seen. Boney Kapoor arrived with his wife Sridevi. Sridevi dons a traditional looks.

Salman’s father Salim Khan arrives. Arpita Khan was spotted outside the house. Arbaaz Khan was also seen. Preity Zinta also came to the puja. Kiron Kher, Malaika Arora Khan, Bipasha Basu, Anu Malik, Helen, Nelaam, Amrita Arora all made it to the puja. Sohail Khan’s wife Seema was seen with her baby. The guests list has a special invitee and she is the big mouthed Dolly Bindra.
Ramesh Tarauni
Salman Khan
Saina NC
Sohail Khan
Arjun Kapoor
Roop Kumar Rathod
Boney Kapoor
Salim Khan
Arpita Khan
Arbaaz Khan
Preity Zinta
Bipasha Basu
Kiron Kher
Anu Malik
Malaika Arora Khan
Amrita Arora
Seema Khan